GoPort Canaveral Review 2021

When we cruise we normally stay at a hotel on Cocoa Beach and use their Snooze, Park & Cruise package to get to Port Canaveral. That means that we would stay the night, leave our car there during the cruise, and then take their shuttle to the cruise port. They’d drop us off before the cruise and then pick us up after. Well, that hotel is no longer providing this service, so we had to find an alternative for our Halloween 2021 cruise.

When watching our favorite cruise vloggers, Parodeejay, they mentioned that they use GoPort when they’re cruising out of Port Canaveral. I researched them, and decided to give them a try. The only drawback is that they do not give cash refunds, only credit for a future visit, so we waited closer to our cruise to book. You book your package and pay ahead of time, then print out the paperwork that you will get in your email.

Holiday Inn Titusville

On GoPort you can book in different ways. You can get a hotel and airport shuttle, a hotel and cruise parking package, or just cruise parking without the hotel. We used the hotel, the parking, and the shuttle to the ship. Once you enter your dates and a search, you’ll have a number of different hotels to choose from. We chose the Holiday Inn in Titusville, Florida.

We drove to the Holiday Inn the day before our cruise and spent the night there. The Holiday Inn was very nice. It was clean and the customer service was good. The only downside of the Holiday Inn is that breakfast is not included. We ended up going to Walmart down the street and buying something that we could heat up in the microwave the next morning.

Headed to GoPort at the start of our cruise

The next morning we drove our car to the GoPort parking lot which was probably about a 15 minute drive from the Holiday Inn. The sign looked like it had blown out (it was later fixed), so we did have a little bit of a problem finding the place. We parked our car in a numbered spot and then followed the signs to the check in desk. The signs are easy to see. The clerk will ask for your booking number, give you a tag for your rear view mirror and a ticket for the shuttle. And then she’ll give you orange GoPort tags to put on the luggage that will be put in the shuttle trailer. Put your rear view tag in your car, then come and wait for a shuttle. There are plenty of seats but we only waited a couple of minutes.

Our luggage was loaded into the trailer and we got seats in the van. Our driver drove first to the MSC Divina ship to let Divina passengers unload, then to the Carnival Magic so we could unload. It took around 15 minutes from the GoPort parking lot to our ship. He showed us where to meet him after the cruise and got our luggage out of the trailer. Then we got out of the shuttle, making sure to tip the driver. We were right at the area where the Porters take our bags, so we checked on our luggage, tipped the Porter, and picked up our carry-ons. We headed to the entrance of the terminal and it was all easy. So far so good.

And coming back to our car after the cruise

After we went through Customs and got out of the terminal, we walked across the road toward the GoPort sign, and turned right. Since we had parked our car at GoPort we went to the right side of the line, which was the parking line. The other line was for the airport shuttle. They had our name on their sheet and told us which shuttle to get on. We took our luggage to the trailer in back, then got a seat on the shuttle. We waited just a couple of minutes, but soon we were on our way back to our car.

It didn’t take long, we were dropped off at the entrance to the waiting area. We saw that the sign had been fixed, so it’s good now. Our driver then got our luggage out of the trailer and let us out of the shuttle. Remember, it’s always nice to tip your driver. We got our luggage, took it to the car, and we were on our way home.

So, how did I like using GoPort Canaveral?

Actually, we’ll probably use GoPort again. I was a little nervous using them this time, but it was a good value, and easy to do. Just do your own research on the motels because some of the listed motels didn’t have good reviews on other travel sites. The Holiday Inn was very nice, and I’d probably choose them again. So, I would recommend GoPort Canaveral.

3 thoughts on “GoPort Canaveral Review 2021

  1. We are still waiting for our refund from our cancelled cruise 2 years ago that we keep being told we will get. It is not right to keep money that does not belong to them


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