Port Canaveral Parking Review

The Port Canaveral Parking company is not affiliated with Port Canaveral. It’s located at 3050 N. Courtenay Parkway on Merritt Island. It has good prices, but check below for my review before you book with them.

Check in begins at 10:00 am at Port Canaveral Parking. We got there a little bit early, drove to the easy to see check in booth, and they checked us in early without a problem. We were allowed to leave our luggage at the shuttle stop, someone could watch the luggage while the other parked the car. I parked down about halfway on the far left lane. The lanes are concrete, but you park on dirt. Remember that.

There are restrooms at the shuttle wait area. Everyone was friendly and the lines are marked with the name of the ship you will be sailing on. We had to wait for the shuttle dedicated to Mariner of the Seas, which was the third shuttle in. Our shuttle arrived at about 10:10 am and they came and got our luggage and loaded it. Our shuttle was driven by an older man who did not talk much.

We got to our terminal at about 10:30 and were told to get out of the shuttle and to find our luggage as they unloaded it. The porter took our luggage and I tipped him. Then we headed to the terminal. I didn’t realize until I was on the ship that we had not been told where to meet the return shuttle.

Returning to Port Canaveral Parking after we debarked the ship

I had no idea on where to meet our shuttle back to our car as we got off the ship, but I figured that someone at the terminal could tell me. We asked the men directing people and were told to go left. Well, we went left, and no one had any idea of where the shuttle would be. I think that the name Port Canaveral Parking is very confusing because it sounds like you parked at the port. Plus, the shuttles don’t have the company name on them.

We finally called the company and were told that we should have come to the right. We hurried back over and saw the kiosk. The gentleman manning it was very apologetic, and we did catch the next shuttle, thankfully. It took awhile because they waited to fill a shuttle before they headed back.

We finally got back and rolled our luggage to the car. We noticed that there were little specks of yellow stuff all over our car, including the windows. I have no idea of what it was, but it was hard to get off. We were not parked under or near a tree. And then, after we drove a little while, we started seeing ants crawling in our car. There were a lot of them, and we were still finding them after we got home and had to spray down the car with insecticide. Somehow ants had infiltrated our car while it was parked. It is not fun feeling like ants are crawling up your leg while you are driving.

My views

Port Canaveral Parking is cheaper than the rest, but I will pay more next time and use a different company. I’ve used GoPort Canaveral before and they were much better. I could cope with the rest of the problems, but ants are a deal breaker in my book.