Handels Ice Cream…Gastonia NC

Okay, I’m not an expert in ice cream, but I grew up in Youngstown, Ohio, the birthplace of Handel’s Ice Cream. I started it eating when I was a toddler, and never stopped. Every time we go back to Ohio, Handel’s is one of the things we must do on our visit, even in the winter. So, I do know my Handel’s Ice Cream. It’s the only ice cream that I’ll go out of my way for.

Since 1945

If you check out Handel’s website you’ll see that Handel’s, started by Alice Handel, have been making their homemade ice cream since 1945. Each store still makes all their ice cream right in the store. And that’s why it’s so good.

Finally, a Handels within driving distance

We’ve been living in SC for quite a while, and Handel’s is one of the things we’ve missed a lot. So, it was exciting to find out that there is now a Handel’s within driving distance of us. Handel’s has a franchise in Gastonia, North Carolina, about a half an hour outside of Charlotte.

My daughter and I decided to take a road trip to Gastonia to check it out and see if it was as good as the original Handel’s. The first thing that we noticed is that this Handel’s is in a storefront, and you can walk in and order. Our Handel’s in Ohio were always the walk up type with two windows. We actually liked the walk in store a lot. It had more registers and more clerks helping out.

The store was busy with a constant line, but the line went quickly. Another change from the Ohio Handel’s was that they have all of their many flavors on an electronic board, with the ingredients listed. In Ohio all of the flavors are on a board on the side window of the walk up area. Also, this Handel’s has tables outside for your comfort. A nice touch and better than eating in the car or standing up like in Ohio. Plus, it was a gorgeous 70 degree February day, perfect for sitting outside.

As for the flavors…my family laughs at me because the only thing that I will ever order is Chocolate Pecan. Don’t ask me why. I think that the flavor is perfect for me, it’s packed with pecans and the chocolate is delicious. I don’t get Handel’s often, so I never want anything else. But my daughter bought a four flavor sampler, and I tried a couple of them. I especially liked the Coconut Cream Pie flavor, but they were all good.


This store is located at 2272 East Franklin Blvd., in Gastonia, North Carolina. You also can order online for pickup and delivery. Call them at (304) 590-0996.

I am so happy to have a Handel’s that I can visit now and then. If anyone is in the mood to franchise in South Carolina, or anywhere else, check out the franchising guidelines here. Everyone loves ice cream, and Handel’s is the best, in my opinion. Try it out!

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