Day three on Freedom of the Seas!

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas

The thing I realized this last few days is the world is a big place. – Paul Cayard

Day Three – Grand Cayman

Day three started out at 7 am with an announcement on the loudspeaker that we were in port in Grand Cayman already.  We had no excursion planned, so we decided to try and sleep a little later.  We got up around 8 am and went to the Windjammer for breakfast.

Windjammer for Breakfast

Windjammer Buffet
Windjammer Buffet

This time it was nice and quiet, and plenty of tables to go around.  Everyone must have already been in Georgetown sightseeing.  Breakfast was once again good.  I had the usual two eggs over easy, toast, potatoes, and bacon.  I love how they have the over easy eggs ready for you when you get there.  Coffee was good, and they have employees with carts of orange juice, apple juice, water, and coffee coming around pretty often to get you what you need.  If you need something, just ask.  They’re happy to help.


After breakfast we returned to the cabin to get some money, get our Gatorade to take with us, and put on sunscreen.  Our plans were just to walk around and see the area.  Last time we went with Moby Dick Tours to Stingray City and to snorkel, and that was a lot of fun.  I would recommend Moby Dick Tours, they were very reliable.


You have to take a tender from the ship to the dock in Georgetown.  The dock area isn’t deep enough for a ship to come close to.  There were two other ships anchored, a Carnival one and MSC Seaside.  All were tendering.  If you want to see what it’s like to ride a tender, watch the video above.


Once the tender boat docked in Georgetown we started out on the waterfront street and walked to the right.  Georgetown is a very small town and there’s not a lot to see.  It did seem very safe though.  We did see one policeman with a police dog, but he wasn’t busy. There are all the required jewelry shops. There are people out front handing out coupons but they are not at all pushy in Georgetown.  They will let you look around at your leisure.


Us in the Cayman Islands
Us in the Cayman Islands

There are a number of souvenir shops. They all have basically the same things, but the shops that are a bit further from the waterfront seemed to have better prices.  The favorite thing that I saw was glass bottles that had been painted.  They are really pretty.  They even had Coke bottles with this style of painting.  I bought a small painted bottle with some sand from the local beach in it.  And I managed to buy all my required souvenirs the first day.  Now I don’t have to hunt and hunt for the perfect gift.

I didn’t see that rum was any cheaper in Georgetown, so we didn’t buy any.  There is a Margaritaville across from the waterfront and you should be able to get free wifi there.  There are a few other restaurants also.  It was hot in Georgetown, but not as humid as normal in the Caribbean.  Not bad at all. We only stayed in port a couple of hours, then decided to take the tender back to the ship.  We did not need our passports to get back through the gate, just our sea cards from the ship.

Time to relax

After that we went back to the cabin for a while to chill and cool off.  One thing about Freedom, there is really nothing on the TV that’s all that interesting to watch, so, we went onto the balcony and just relaxed.

Dinner time

Dinner was at 5:30 again, so we got ready at around 4:45 and went to deck 5 to the Galileo Dining room for My Time Dining.  Once again we were seated with the two lovely ladies, Judy and Linda, but the young man from the night before was a no show.  We were then joined by a nice couple, and had a very nice dinner.  I had the Onion soup,  New York Strip Steak, and the dark chocolate cookie a la mode.  Everything was very good this time.  I would recommend the New York Strip.  It’s on the menu every night.  We sat and chatted until about 6:45, and then we wanted to see the Ice Show, so we had to run.

Ice Show

Ice Show
Ice Show

The ice show was really enjoyable.  I’d never had a chance to see the show before, so I didn’t know what to expect.  I can’t imagine how they manage to do so much on ice skates when I can’t even stand up on them.  My favorite part of their routine was when they were skating to 60’s music like Age of Aquarious.  I also loved the Pirates routine.  A lot of the skaters are on their fourth contract with Royal Caribbean, so they must love it.  Studio B, where they ice skate, is not easy to find though.  You have to go to the fourth floor just past where they have the ship photos displayed, and they you have to go down the stairs.  Even though it took us so long to find it, there were still seats available.

And sunset


After that we explored a little more.  The best place to watch the sunset is on the Muster Deck, Deck 4. We stood there a while and watched, the skies on the ocean at sunset are beautiful.  I’m always surprised though that we can’t see more stars.   You’d think that way out in the middle of the ocean, the start would be everywhere.  I can’t imagine that the ship puts off so much light that you can’t see the stars.  My husband even went to the helipad area to see if he could see more there, but he couldn’t.

The rest of the evening we went to the balcony and just listened to the ocean pass by.  The balcony is my favorite place to be on the ship.

Talk to you tomorrow!

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