Day three at sea in the life of a Quiet Cruiser! Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas


Day Three – sleeping in

These days at sea are starting to blur together, but our third day at sea was a fun one.  We decided to sleep late because we’d been up so late watching the Broadway hit Cats last night.   The days are very long on a cruise ship because you’re doing activities from early on until late.

We were going to have breakfast at Johnny Rockets, but since we got a late start, we just ran up to the Windjammer Buffet.  The Windjammer isn’t my favorite food venue on the Oasis of the Seas because it just doesn’t seem very organized, but we found a seat easily, and managed to get a decent breakfast together.  I just had some potatoes, some eggs over easy, and a waffle with strawberry sauce on it, along with orange juice and coffee.  The food was just okay but the eggs had been sitting awhile, they were not made fresh.  But it was still nice because we relaxed at a window table and watched the ocean.

The Weather

The weather has been very iffy this cruise, with a lot of clouds, rain, and strong winds.  Sunshine seems to be in short supply.  Normally a huge ship like Oasis would have smooth sailing, but the ship has been rocking and rolling a lot this cruise.  Not a problem for me because I take a non-drowsy Dramamine morning and night.  But, they did have barf bags at the bottom of each stairway, just in case.  Didn’t see anyone use them, thank goodness.  Oh, and the ceiling was leaking above the elevators on one of the floors, not sure what happened.  Speaking of elevators, they are almost always packed full.  We’re using the stairs as much as possible, it’s just easier than waiting all day for the elevators.

Main dining room for lunch

After that we walked around awhile so I could take pictures of different areas, this is where it’s starting to blur together because next thing I know it was time for lunch.  For lunch we decided to go to the main dining room on deck four for their buffet.   We were sat at a table for two promptly, and our waiter came right away and got us drinks.  Choices were ordering from the menu or getting food from the buffet, or both.  We decided to do the buffet, and it was so much better than the Windjammer’s food.  I recommend the Main Dining Room for lunch.

I got a BBQ rib, some pasta, fresh vegetables, and some chicken curry.  Everything was very good.  The only problem we had was in getting refills on our water.  The chicken curry was pretty spicy, and I never did get that refill.  The desserts, as in every dessert we’ve had on the Oasis of the Seas so far, was delicious.  I got chocolate cake, he got a strawberry parfait.  We’ll probably do the main dining room buffet again.

Old friend and a cabin crawl

After we ate we were meeting up with my Facebook group for a Cabin Crawl, organized by my old friend, Marianne, who just happened to be cruising on the same ship as me.  That was a lot of fun.  We had a pretty good sized group coming along, and we saw quite a few cabins.  There were small gifts and prizes in each cabin, I think all of the cabins were balcony cabins, all in different parts of the ship.  Some were ocean, some were neighborhood view.

And I hadn’t seen Marianne in over 30 years, even though we’ve kept in touch, so it was a great reunion.  We must have been an interesting group of people in the cabin hallways.  I’m sure we were pretty noisy, and at times we became Christmas Carolers.  Sorry to all the other quiet cruisers out there.  But we meant well!

Writing my blog

When the Cabin Crawl was over, I came to the computer room to write my blog for the day before, and after that I went to the Park Cafe to get a fruit cup, then back to the cabin to take a break and a shower before dinner.  It was a good time for a nap.  Cruising wears me out sometimes.  And then I forgot that I needed to go to the Service Desk to ask about my Onboard Credit. The line took about half an hour to get through.


We ended up sitting with the same couple for dinner.  We’ve enjoyed our conversations with them.  Dinner was good.  I had the crab cake for an appetizer, Ravioli for my main course, and then a dessert that I will not attempt to pronounce or spell.  But it was small cream puffs filled with vanilla ice cream, and topped with chocolate sauce.  Pretty good, but not my favorite dessert on the ship.  Our waiter was Lidia, and her assistant was Kadek.  They’re good, but sometimes it seems to take forever to get our dessert after our meal.  Good thing the shows are late.  That’s one thing I wish was different though, I wish the shows were just a bit earlier.

High Dive show cancelled

After we ate, we found out that the show that we had reservations for at 9:00 pm, was cancelled.  It was the high diving water show, and the weather was just too bad for them to go on.  Don’t want the high diver to dive, and the ship rock so much that they miss the pool below.  It’s supposed to be rescheduled for day seven.  So, I decided that I wanted a frozen custard and we went searching for the machine.  We finally found it by the kiddie pool area and I got one, but the vanilla frozen custard was runny.  Not real good.

And then we tried to get back to the enclosed deck, and it was so windy that I could barely move.  I envisioned myself blowing over the railing, it was that windy.  This has been the windiest cruise I’ve been on, I think.  Since the show was cancelled, we decided to make an early night of it.  So, we relaxed in the cabin and watched Blast From the Past with Brendan Fraser.  We didn’t do a lot, but my aim on a cruise is to relax, I’m not one to party till the wee hours of the morning, I’m a quiet cruiser.  So, not doing a lot is fine with me.

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