Can An Introvert Cruise? And even love it?

introvert cruise cruising

Cruising does the soul good!

Introverts and cruising

Recent events have gotten me thinking about introverts cruising around extroverts.  I am an introvert, and I love my peace and quiet, and I have to have alone time to recharge, but I love cruising.  The ocean itself calms me, so I normally try to book a balcony room, and then I sit out on the balcony often so that I can recharge and enjoy the rest of my cruise.

But sometimes those who are extroverted do not understand this, and think that there is no way that we, as introverts, could be fun people.  We are fun, we just do fun our own way and there is nothing wrong with us just because we have fun differently from them.

How to avoid chaos on a ship

So, how do you avoid overly fun people on the ship?  That is a question I’m asking myself right now and trying to figure out, because I just do not enjoy being around chaos, and noise to me is chaos.  Remember, I am the quiet cruiser.  I’ve been doing a lot of studies on personalities lately, and introverts need to get away from people to recharge, and that’s not always easy on a ship, but it is definitely doable, or I would not love cruising so much.

Avoid the noisy areas of the ship

The way that I normally recharge on a ship is to avoid the bars and lounges, the pool area, and the casinos.  They’re really not my thing anyway, I’ve never been the type to cruise just to drink, that is not my idea of fun. I understand that others enjoy it, and I do not begrudge them that, but I expect others to respect that it’s not my thing and not be rude about it.  Those are the areas that tend to get a bit loud and full of chaos to me.  There are plenty of other areas on the ship that are much more peaceful, and those are the areas that I tend to retreat to so I can relax.

Balcony cabin

One of my favorite areas is, of course, my balcony, or even my room if I don’t have a balcony.  Now that all of the balconies are non-smoking, it’s usually very pleasant just to sit out there with a cup of coffee or some iced tea and enjoy the ocean going by.  Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can see the flying fish.  I’m always hoping for a whale, but so far no luck.  To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of the ocean. Even just being in my room alone for a while is a big help.  I always bring earplugs or headphones for music, just in case.

Adults only

Also, for introverts, children can be just a bit too noisy, so I always enjoy the adults only deck.  I can relax out there on a comfy chair with a book, or sit in a quiet hot tub.  Normally, it’s pretty quiet in the Adults Only area, most people there are there to relax, not get rowdy.  I rarely sit in the main pool area because that where are the kids, big and little, are having their fun.


There is usually a library on the ship, and that is also a very good place to go if you just want to read or relax.  Usually they have games that you can sit and play with another quiet friend.  The computer area is also a nice place to find some quiet and catch up with those at home if you’ve bought the internet plan.

The promenade deck outside, or any deck that you can walk outside on, is usually pretty peaceful, and is another quiet place to watch the ocean.  Normally you’ll find benches or deck chairs on the deck, so you can just sit and relax there.


Then, after you’ve relaxed and recharged, you can enjoy the evening.  If you prefer to dine alone and don’t like small talk, you can request a table for two.  We enjoy meeting other people, so we always request to sit with others.  We’ve always been lucky in meeting people with similar interests, and we’ve become lifelong friends with some.

There’s always a show after dinner.  If it’s a show that requires audience participation, I’m not as comfortable, and I’ll sit on the balcony or skip the show.  Just do whatever your comfort level allows you to do. There’s nothing wrong with that.  You can always go and listen to some music in the atrium, or take a walk on the deck.

Some ships will play a movie on the pool deck or in the theater in the evenings.  Go to the buffet and have a cup of coffee and some dessert.  It’s usually pretty quiet in the evenings.  And there is enough going on that you won’t get bored.

It’s so relaxing

To me, a cruise is the best place to relax.  I’m away from my hectic and noisy life, and I can always find a place to relax and find some peace and quiet.  The feel of the ship moving through the ocean is enough to relax me in itself.

There are plenty of places on a ship to get away, and plenty to do when you want to do something.  And plenty of different things to do so you can find what is just right for you.  So, to answer the question, yes, introverts can cruise and enjoy it too.  They just have to search a bit for activities that would be enjoyable to them.  Watch out, or you may just get as addicted to cruising as I have.

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