Day Eight and Debarkation

And some thoughts on the Carnival Pride

The last day on a cruise is always the saddest day. You have to say goodbye to the ship and new friends. This day was no different.

So, what did we do all day?

This was our day to get organized, and to relax before our long drive home. We went to the Seaday brunch for breakfast again, just because there’s a bit more variety to choose from. I’ve not been a fan of the coffee on the Pride, so I had hot tea. I’ve felt the coffee is too strong and a bit bitter.

After that we walked through the Lido deck checking out the towel parade and then went to the cabin and got our dirty clothes into compression bags, and packed everything else we could. How in the world did we get all of this onto the ship?

Debarkation show

At 10:30 am there was a debarkation show hosted by our cruise director, Filippe. While we were waiting I noticed on our cruise Facebook group that luggage tags were already out. These days on a cruise you go to an area and choose your own luggage tags. But first come, first served, and the lower numbers go first. We always need to leave the ship early for our long drive home, so I wanted to get a low number. He stayed to watch the show, and I went to try and find the tags. I did find them near the customer service area, and managed to grab two number seven tags.

I went back and saw part of the show, but we decided to go to customer service and see if we could get a lower number tag. She managed to give us a six, which was nice of her.

The rest of the day

We didn’t do a lot the rest of the day. I managed to get pictures of our room steward, the we relaxed. We did manage to watch a miniature golf tournament. I never did manage to get a Ship on a Stick, the coveted award on Carnival cruises. Looks like Santa Claus won. And the ship was rocking and rolling all day long and the seas were rough. Some people said they got seasick. I didn’t have a problem. Bonine helps me a lot. But I was walking crooked.

Lunch was the normal but they did have a Chocolate Extravaganza. I’m afraid that I ate way too much of different kinds of chocolate cake. They had swan ice cream sundaes too!


Dinner was sad but fun. I got my waiters pictures and gave them a little extra tip. They were really good, always had my diet pepsi for me, always got my food to me promptly. I love getting to know the waiters, these are good people. At the end they had the farewell song, and then a dance. We enjoyed our table mates through the cruise and had to say goodbye to them. The saddest part of the cruise, I think.

We went to get some pictures of the sunset. We were going to go and see the comedian but we could hear it was a repeat show, so we went and got our complimentary VIFP drink, and went to our secret little hall for a while, then called it a night. We did put our big luggage out in the hallway with our luggage tags on it before we went to bed.


We got up before 7 am on debarkation day, got dressed quickly, then went to the buffet for a quick breakfast. Breakfast was the same old thing as every other day, and it was hard to find a coffee machine that was filled. We did see our waiter and talked to him a bit, then back to the room to finish up.

We double checked all of the closets and drawers to make sure we didn’t forget anything. I left a little extra tip for her (Carnival collects tips from you automatically and shares them with the crew) and then we went to wait in the theater on deck two.

At this point they were still letting up those who didn’t check their luggage. If you can take all of your luggage off yourself, you can get off earlier. There was no way we could have managed our luggage, so we had to wait. At around 8:45 am they called for luggage tags one through three. Even though we had number six, we disembarked. I knew that they always have more luggage down in the terminal by that point.

It didn’t take to long to finish up. We went down the escalator instead of the elevator because we just had our carry on luggage. Masks are required as you debark. Also, have your sail card and your passport/birth certificate, whichever you’re using, ready. First we got our luggage, and it was there for us, and then we got in line for Customs. It didn’t take us long, and we had barely anything to declare, so he waved us on.

After that we had to find our hotel shuttle. As we were looking another shuttle slammed into a white shuttle. Don’t know what that was about, but thank goodness no one was hurt. We found our shuttle, and headed back to our car and our long drive home.

My thoughts on the Pride

The Pride is a small but beautiful ship with all kinds of beautiful artwork on the walls and ceilings. The staff were wonderful and did a great job.

The cabin

We had an interior cabin with a window. They cost a bit more than interior, but you can see out, sort of. These windows are behind lifeboats. We got lucky and got a room between lifeboats, but that came with it’s own problems. Three times we were in the room with the curtains open and people would come up between the boats to do work, spray the windows, etc. We were never given warning that this would happen. We learned not to change clothes in our room with the curtains open. I wouldn’t choose this type of room again even though it’s bigger than in interior.


We liked some of the entertainment but not all. There wasn’t much of a Welcome show. The second night was a song and dance show that was really good. After that I didn’t think that the shows were all that good. Only one song and dance show the entire cruise, unlike most cruises I’ve been on. Then there was a magician that was okay. The Motown show was good. We really did enjoy the family friendly comedian shows, but to get to the shows on time and get a seat you had to skip other things.


We found that the variety of food in the buffet wasn’t great and it was hit and miss on taste. We mostly ate at Guy’s Burgers and the Cantina for lunch. For breakfast it was always just about the same menu in the buffet but we found that the Seaday brunch was pretty good.

David’s Steakhouse was disappointing. It costs $38 extra per person and we expected better. We both got the Surf and Turf and found that it was no better than what we could have gotten for free in the main dining room.

The main dining room was hit and miss. I liked most of what I had. For the first part of the cruise portions were large, but then they seemed to get smaller. Keep in mind that you could always order more if you wanted to. Sometimes I’d order two appetizers. The Prime Rib and Filet Mignon was excellent.

The pool area

We never did get in the hot tub or use the water slides or pools. They have three small pools on the Pride, and a number of hot tubs, but they all were crowded. I’m afraid that people would get up early and put towels on the chairs, and then go and eat. It was really hard to find an open seat. The Serenity Adults only deck was the same. I never saw anyone use the water slides because the top deck was so windy almost all of the time. Actually, deck ten was really windy too, it was hard to walk on it. There’s a cute children’s water area on deck 11, but once again, the wind made it hard to use.

My husband tried to play miniature golf, but the wind got in the way again. I’m not sure what makes this ship have such windy decks. We ended up doing our walks inside away from the wind.

Would I sail on the Pride again?

Actually, probably not. She’s not on my list of favorite ships at all. It was really nice being on a cruise though, and we did have a nice time. The Pride just didn’t WOW us like some other ships have. I guess I tend to like bigger ships with more to do.

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