Day six…sea day

On Carnival Pride

We’ve had a lot of sea days on this eight day cruise. With only two real ports, Limon and Grand Cayman, I feel like we’ve been on the ship a lot. That’s not bad. It makes for relaxing days.

Sea Day Brunch

We always enjoy going to the Sea Day brunch in the main dining room. First, you have to check in on the HUB app. That’s the Carnival app that pretty much does everything. You can see the menus in it, you can see what shows and activities are happening that day, you can make reservations. You don’t have to pay for internet for the app. That’s free. But if you want internet to blog or see social media, that costs extra.

We checked in and our wait was less than ten minutes. We headed down, and just as we got there, our table was ready. They have changed up some things and the menu has changed from pre-shutdown days. I was still able to order my favorite Huevos Rancheros and a yogurt and granola parfait, but they have taken away the big Steak meal that my husband used to love. So, it’s really not as good as it used to be. But still, it’s a nice change for breakfast. The buffet really has no selection.

Lazy Day

We chose to take this day and relax as much as we could. I did more exploring and he went out and found more ducks. I have to say, this cruise has had a lot of hidden ducks. That’s so much fun. But we’ve also discovered that crew members will take the ducks themselves. I’m not sure that I like that, but there’s nothing you can do about it. I didn’t stay outside long. The ship was sailing so quickly and the wind was so bad that I decided to walk inside.

We also took the opportunity to put our dirty laundry into compression bags. We got these bags at the Dollar Tree, and they make it so much easier to get the laundry home and leaves space in your luggage for souvenirs.

Filippe, the Cruise Director

While I was walking through the secret hallway behind the theater I finally met Filippe, our cruise director. He’s a good cruise director and I’ve enjoyed him. You’re supposed to say “woo-hoo” and of course, I did.

Getting ready for dinner

It was elegant night so after a nap we got freshened up for dinner. A word about the showers on the Pride. The bathroom is surprisingly roomy for a ship bathroom. If I tuck the shower curtain back behind the faucet, it leaves room to move around. And I’ve found the shower itself to be roomy enough that the shower curtain doesn’t stick to you, and the water doesn’t end up all over the floor.

The night before, after we went to bed, we heard an announcement over the speaker that medics were needed, someone had fallen near the Theater. And then as we were getting ready for dinner on elegant night the Captain came on the speaker saying that the reason we were sailing so quickly was to get to Grand Cayman fast for a medical emergency. I sure hope everything is okay.

Elegant night

This was our second elegant night so we dressed up. We met our table mates, Pat and Gene at 6 pm and checked out the “Feast” menu. Elegant nights have better menus, typically, but I’ve found that they are scrimping more and more. I had crab cakes for an appetizer, which were good. I was told that the clam chowder was excellent. Most of us had the Filet Mignon for a main course. It was tender and delicious, but rather a small portion of steak and mashed potatoes. Keep in mind that if you’re still hungy, you can ask for me. I think that they’re trying to cut down on waste. My dessert was a no sugar added Key Lime parfait. Better than the Key Lime pie we had for lunch.

A side note…we felt that the Filet Mignon on elegant night was as good or better than the one at David’s Steakhouse, and this one didn’t cost extra.

It was show night in the main dining room and one of the crew sang for us. He was really good, and sang a couple of tunes.


We decided to skip the main show because it was Soul music, which isn’t my favorite music. We figured that we could go out and take a picture of the sunset, and then go to the comedy show.

Comedy show

We got to the Butterfly lounge at 8 pm for an 8:30 show and it was already quite full. We snagged some chairs near the state to wait for comedian John Dicrosta. Will is the comedy club manager, and funny himself, but John was hilarious. I hope to see him again. Warning, don’t volunteer!

And then it was the end of another day. This cruise is going way too fast. Tomorrow is Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman just very recently opened back up, so I’m sure that they’re going to love having tourists back in the area.

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