Day Three – Cozumel

This is probably going to be a shorter than normal blog.  We got back late today and didn’t I say yesterday that the internet has been good?  Well, it rained all day today and the internet is patchy.  That’s what happens when you have satellite internet.

I found a duck!!!

Okay, you’re wondering how I found a duck in the ocean, right? Well, it’s a rubber duck, and people hide them around the ship. I hid some too. I’ve only ever found two ducks, and since I collect rubber ducks, I was thrilled!

Up early

We were going to sleep in a bit late yesterday but since no one else had the same idea in our hallway, we got up early.  Doors slam loudly on a cruise ship.  So, we went  to the Lido Buffet and had some breakfast.  Nothing fancy, just some scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and bacon.  I guess they only have bacon every other day so I figured that I’d better have it while I could.  I normally like Raisin Bran for breakfast but they haven’t had it at all.  Don’t know why.  


After that we decided to go into Cozumel.  We had thought about taking a taxi into town, but decided to just walk around the port area, and across the street from the port.  One thing about Cozumel that I do not like is that the store vendors are really pushy. Being an introvert, I just don’t like that.  Just leave me be to look around and I’ll even pay full price.  I can bargain but to me it’s a nuisance.  Plus, please mark prices on things because I won’t ask and I’ll leave without buying anything. Needless to say but we’ve been into Cozumel a number of times and it isn’t my favorite port.

Past experiences in Cozumel

I guess that my favorite time in Cozumel was when we took an island tour. We went to the San Gervasio ruins, rode around the island, and took a chocolate factory tour. My least favorite time was when we visited Dolphinaris for the Dolphin Experience. I ended up stepping on a Bearded Fireworm (look it up) and was in extreme pain for hours.

Puerto Maya

This time we were at Puerto Maya, which is a pretty nice port area and the one that Carnival brand ships use. There are lots of shops of different types.  You have the typical port shops like Diamonds International and Del Sol.  And you have souvenir type shops with all kinds of things that say Cozumel.  Problem is, every shop sells the same things.  We even walked outside the port area to the shops and little market across the street from the port.  Same things still.  If we had gone into town we would have also seen the same things and heard the same lines from the vendors.  I’m glad we didn’t go there.  If you go to Cozumel be prepared to be invited personally into every single shop. They really are friendly people, and they’ve had a hard time these past couple of years. I just didn’t need anything because I have it all already.

Back to the ship

We really didn’t stay in Cozumel long and I didn’t buy anything.  It was really hot so we decided to go and have lunch on the ship. And then we did some looking around the ship because we really hadn’t had a lot of time to do that yet.  And we spent a little bit of time on the Serenity deck to relax.  And then it was time to write my daily blog.  I’m really glad that I brought my laptop.  I can relax in my cabin by the window or on the balcony as I write.


Where did the time go?  It’s already time for dinner.  We got ready and went to our regular table number 635.  This cruise we decided to go with 6:00 dining so we could keep the same waiter every night.  Jhoanna and Camille have been great!  We always get served so quickly, and Jhoanna will stop and talk to us and I enjoy the conversations.  He wants to see snow.  He’s from the Philippines and needs to work on an Alaskan cruise. Talking about waiters, just be aware of exactly how hard they work. I can’t even imagine working hard as them. And they do appreciate any extra tip that you give them at the end of the cruise.

Take some time next cruise and really get to know the crew. It’s one of my favorite parts of cruising. No matter what the world seems like when you’re on dry land, once you’re at sea on a cruise ship, you understand more and more that we’re really all more alike than we think, no matter where we come from. And if all of these people can get along with each other and with us, maybe there is hope for the world.

Can you imagine pickup up that many full plates of food at once? They do it all the time.

Dinner was excellent.  I had the Mozzerella sticks for appetizer, then the Broiled Strip Loin steak with potato and broccoli.  The steak was perfectly cooked and delicious.  I’ll have that again.  For dessert I had some sort of baked pineapple with sugar free vanilla ice cream.  Really good!  There was no waiter show that evening and no show in the theater so we ended up going to the comedy show.   PG rated of course.  Chad Eltzner was the comedian and included the audience in his show.  Pretty funny! Oh, I forgot that on the way to the comedy show we saw this gorgeous sunset!


Early to bed

We decided to go to bed early because tomorrow was Belize day.  We had an excursion in Belize and needed to get up early and get breakfast before we met our group in the theater.  Read tomorrow to see what we did.

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